About the Opportunity

We are building a new fully licensed, legal and compliant Cannabis Delivery system. The Director of Operations is a key role guiding the development of every element of the Delivery system.

The job of the Director of Operations is the handling, oversight, and standardization of Rush Management’s ongoing operations and procedures throughout all current and future delivery locations. This individual is responsible for the efficiency of the business and therefore must manage and oversee the strategic, tactical, and day-to-day aspects of Operations.

As a key member of the Senior Management team, the Director of Operations must maintain control of dynamic and diverse business operations, exhibit leadership tendencies, as well as vision and proper controls. Excellent people skills, ebullience, business acumen, and an exemplary work ethic are all attributes that will make a successful Director of Operations. He/she must be able to secure the functionality of our business to drive extensive and sustainable growth.

Core Competencies
Strategic Thinking
Results Driven
Business Acumen
Decision Making
Financial Management
Departmental Bridging
Communicational Proficiency
Organizational Awareness

Essential Functions
Include, but are not limited to the following:

Manage site Location Managers as direct reports; includes indirect management of all delivery service personnel.
Develop process and policy systematization and standardization including implementation of company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s), quality work instruction and any other means necessary to ensure company initiatives are pursued and that organizational goals/directives are met.
Establish reports and communicate of goals, objectives, policies, and procedures both up and down the chain of command through meetings, strategic sessions, and other forms of communication.
Administer and enforce all safety and compliance protocols of all level staff members.
Develop and oversee fleet management program to ensure all vehicles are properly maintained and their performance is optimized.
Interface with legal counsel and management team to ensure all Locations are compliant with BCC and Local Municipality Regulations.
Oversee cash management and ensure accounting procedures are followed.
Review and approve payroll for all locations.
Provide day-to-day leadership and management by establishing policies that promote company culture, vision, and core values.
Work with Location Managers to improve cash flow, and business goals & objectives.
Interface with the management team to improve overall location performance and ongoing strategic vision and development.
Implement onboarding processes and ongoing training programs that enable efficient transfer of knowledge and process improvements by all staff.
Assist in attracting, recruiting, and retaining team members that aid in the sustainable growth of our business.
Qualifications and Experience:

5+ years senior-level management experience
Plan and direct all aspects of location management with high a degree of skill level and keen attention to detail, notably the ability to identify weaknesses and strengths within each location and collectively
Exceptional time management and organization skills
Strong technical background with regards to industry.
Keen analytical, problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.
Experience working with financial/ accounting reports, including, balance sheets, payroll reports, profit-loss statements, etc.
Must have experience with budgeting(creation, implementation, and adherence) financial projections, cost-estimating, and purchasing. Candidate should be able to demonstrate prior expertise in completing complex initiatives within budgets and on time.
Independently self-motivated with a high degree of initiative, drive, and enthusiasm.
Excellent communication skills including written, verbal, non-verbal, and listening;  the ability to successfully communicate and work well with others to achieve organizational objectives.
Demonstrates unprecedented leadership that inspires, motivates, leads, and supports a high-performance squad mentality throughout all departments, divisions, and locations
Embodies strong management traits such as exhibiting sound judgment, decision-making, staff involvement in planning, and performance feedback for subordinates.
Ability to project a calm and professional demeanor regardless of the environment (calm or fast paced), situation, or clientele type.
Flexibility to work extensive hours (including evenings and weekends) as needed.
Capable of working with finite deadlines.
The ability to work independently, as well as thrive in a group dynamic.
Honest, trustworthy, respectful of others, and flexible.
Demonstrate solid work
Maintain the strictest of confidentiality at all times
Possess cultural awareness
Proficient computer skills including programs such as Gsuite, Slack, Asana, etc.
Authorized to work for any employer in the United States

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